Engagement And Journalism
Innovation For Outstanding
Open Science Communication.

Improving #scicomm and #journalism by making them more consistently, reliable,
truthful, open, engaging and useful.
Contributing to the development of critical thinking.
Raise digital awareness.

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The good, the bad and the
ugly science communication:
how to find your way around?

We are living through an infodemic, and identifying good
#scicomm is not that easy.
That's why we are developing ENJOI SPIs: Standards, Principles and
Indicators to navigate the jungle of science communication.

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We have Standards, Principles
and Indicators for good
How do we use them?

The answer is in the Manifesto for Outstanding Open Science Communication: a simple
guide for science communicators, journalists, researchers, citizens.

coming soon


Everything that has to do with
Leader: Formicablu, Italy


Identification of Standards, Principles and Indicators (SPIs) and methodological approach for qualitative analysis of Outstanding Open Science Communication (OOSC)

ENJOI Engagement
Lab design

Establishing Partnerships and Co-Designing ENJOI Engagement Workshops and Labs
Leader: Stickydot, Belgium

ENJOI Engagement
Lab implementation

Co-creating and testing the
ENJOI outcomes through
Engagement Workshops and
Leader: Science for Change, Spain


Evaluation of ENJOI steps and
analysis of the science-media
Leader: Universiteit Twente,


Exploiting, testing and expanding
ENJOI results


Exploring the existing landscape of
innovation and openness in science
journalism and communication
Leader: Formicablu, Italy


Communication and dissemination
Leader: Formicablu, Italy

An open virtual
space stemming
from ENJOI as a
lab of outstanding

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Our latest news

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SPIs pilot workshop in Italy

Looking for standards, principles and indicators in scicomm and science journalism: the ENJOI workshop during the Italian Conference of Science Communication in Trieste, November 2021.

FC.ID presents ENJOI in Lisboa and Oviedo

ENJOI at the 7th Annual Meeting of the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes (cE3c), Lisboa, Portugal, and the International Congress on Science and Technology Cultures, Oviedo, Spain.

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