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22 May 2023

Slow journalism as an answer to news inflation

Reversing the trend of press-release journalism, or “churnalism”, is necessary to do quality work, but it requires new models of financial sustainability and support from the readers. And it is an interesting approach especially for reporting on science topics
17 May 2023

The right way to make science known, and to bring it into people's lives

At the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Elisabetta Tola and Massimo Polidoro discuss the importance of talking about science, the difficulties that journalists and science communicators face in accurately conveying scientific information, and what still separates the scientific world from other aspects of social and political life, especially in Italy. right way to make science known, […]
09 May 2023

The problem of misinformation after the Covid-19 pandemic

And what kind of precautions should science journalists ask themselves when contacting scientists and researchers
18 April 2023

Has the Covid-19 pandemic changed how science journalists work?

A focus on the selection and use of sources during the pandemic, and on the relation between journalists and scientists
03 April 2023

What went wrong with data journalism during the Covid-19 pandemic

And what we should learn from this, plus some examples of how high-quality data journalism can make a difference
20 March 2023

How cross-border collaboration could help scientific journalism

Cooperation and engagement between journalists in different countries to reach information
14 March 2023

Flaws in reporting on AI: a checklist tool for reporters

Reporting on AI can be tricky. Journalists do not always possess enough knowledge in the field to avoid exaggerated claims (both positive and negative) and companies tend to hype their products in order to maximize their media exposure. But nonetheless, reporting on AI is crucial in a moment of great expansion of the sector and […]
11 May 2022

QUEST: Looking for quality and effectiveness in SciComm

How to define, measure and support quality in science communication? Interview with Alessandra Fornetti, coordinator of the European Project QUEST
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