Engagement Lab design

Engagement Workshops and Labs is where the process of co-creating Standards, Principles and Indicators (SPIs) of quality science communication happens. Engaging and empowering communities to develop solutions against mis- and disinformation is nowadays essential, as clearly shown by the Covid-19 infodemic and other global challenges. 

The engagement process rests on a two-phase methodology. Techniques and activities at the core of the methodology are drawn on outcomes of projects focused on co-creation and co-design such as SISCODE, NEWSERASUPER MoRRI, Engage 2020, and the Co-creation navigator.

First phase: successfully engaging stakeholders.

The roadmap safely guides us through the process of establishing partnerships composed of producers and consumers of science communication. It provides tools and tips to manage and sustain newborn partnerships.

Second phase: implementing Engagement Workshops and Labs.

Producers and consumers dialogue to co-define the essential elements of effective and transparent science communication with a specific yet flexible methodology. This methodology is aimed at enabling deep interactions among participants while exploring and developing a shared understanding of SPIs and their context. The methodology is also meant to support participants in defining solutions to challenges that may emerge while defining the SPIs.

Key deliverables

D3.1 Setting the scene for Collaborative Partnerships, Zolotonosa, M.; Creek, M. – July 2021

D3.2 Co-designing innovative ways for multi-stakeholder engagement for OOSC, Zolotonosa, M.; Creek, M. – October 2021

D3.3 Report on Collaborative Partnerships (confidential), Zolotonosa, M.Fenollosa, C.Creek, M. August 2022

D3.4 Report on Co-designed Methodological Approach 

D3.5 Interactive Handbook: Engagement and Partnerships for OOSC

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