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June 29, 2021
Enjoi Team
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Exploring engagement innovation to promote an outstanding open science communication and journalism: this is the goal of the European project ENJOI. Find out more in our brand-new website!

Here we are! The brand-new ENJOI project website is online. If you are a science journalist or communicator, a researcher, a practitioner or a citizen interested in the media ecosystem this is the place for you. 

How to improve science communication and journalism in Europe? This is the starting point of the ENJOI European project, aiming at finding new indicators to develop excellent #scicomm in Europe and beyond. 

While the Covid-19 infodemic and the failures in communicating climate change to society are two vivid examples of the need for deeply fact-based and carefully crafted communication, they are not isolated cases. Media often contribute to alarmism, polarization, or even real disinformation instead of nurturing a healthy information environment.  The modern media environment need to be reshaped, coming from a more inclusive and competent approach that involves citizens, scientists and journalists in the discussion and assessment about the integrity and usability of the information.

ENJOI will explore and test engagement as a key asset of innovation in science communication distributed via media platforms, with a strong focus on journalism. Through a combination of methodologies and in collaboration with producers, target users and stakeholders of science communication, ENJOI will co-create and select a set of Standards, Principles and Indicators (SPIs) condensed to a Manifesto for an Outstanding Open Science Communication. ENJOI will deploy a series of actions via Engagement Workshops, Labs, field and participatory research, evaluation and testing phases. It will also build an Observatory as its landmark product to make all results and outputs available to foster capacity building and collaboration of all actors in the field.

Our ultimate goal is that of improving science communication by making it more consistently reliable, truthful, open and engaging. At the same time, contributing to the active development of critical thinking, digital awareness and media literacy of all actors involved in the process.

Get in touch!

Help the ENJOI network to build the European framework for an Outstanding Open Science Communication! If you want to contribute to the ENJOI mission, or you are simply interested in our project, contact us at info@enjoiscicomm.eu or connect via Twitter!


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