Evaluation of ENJOI steps 
and analysis of the science-media relationship

«It is only through evaluation that value exists.»
Friedrich Nietzsche

Assessing the ENJOI project

We evaluate each step of our work. The overall goal is to design and implement a methodology for continuously evaluating and analysing the impacts of the ENJOI project.

This work started by evaluating the Engagement Workshops in Italy, Belgium, Spain and Portugal, and will continue through every crucial phase of the project.

Involving all partners, the evaluation process is led by the University of Twente. A mixed-methodology with both qualitative and quantitative approaches will be applied.

Read the ENJOI Evaluation methodology  

Investigating the science-media relationship

While evaluating the ENJOI progresses, we also collect complementary knowledge about the science-media relationship.

A  first literature review was conducted, focusing on the quality and effectiveness of interactions between scientists and media to identify challenges and changes in the science-media relationship. This analysis addresses how collaborations between scientists and media producers can improve accuracy in science communication and how these interactions can be fostered and promoted.

The analysis also includes scientists’ and journalists’ perspectives on the science-media relationship.

Read the ENJOI Literature review about the science-journalism relationship

Key deliverables

D5.1 Report on the literature review about the science-journalism relationship, Dijkstra, M. Anne; de Jong, Anouk - December 2021

D5.2 Evaluation methodologies, Dijkstra, M. Anne; de Jong, Anouk - December 2021

D5.3 Report on the outcomes of the evaluation studies

D5.4 Pre-print of the study on scientists' perspectives on the science-media relationship

D5.5 Pre-print on the media study

D5.6 Report with recommendations  and guidelines for WP6 and the ENJOI OOSC

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