Exploiting, testing and 
expanding ENJOI results

«We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.»
Marshall McLuhan

The ENJOI tools: goals

Needs, expectations and demands for high quality science communication and journalism collected during the ENJOI participatory workshops and the SPIs definition process helped shape and fine tune the innovative and practical tools

End-users - ranging from citizens to journalists, from scientists to policy makers - will participate in the design and testing of the practical tailor-made tools in Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

This is the ENJOI’s concrete answer to promote critical thinking and digital awareness, fight misinformation and increase media literacy.

The ENJOI tools: examples

We will exploit the results of the ENJOI Engagement Workshops and Labs carried out in Italy, Belgium, Spain, and Portugal to produce, test and evaluate two sets of innovative practical tools for several target users. 

These tools might include: 

  • Training courses
  • Toolkits to increase students’ critical analysis
  • Guidelines gathering media editors and journalists’ knowledge to fight mis-and disinformation
  • Guidelines to support policy makers in communicating risk and crisis related topics
  • Inspirational e-books for scientists
  • MOOC
  • Webinars


Once produced, the tools will be tested and evaluated with external end-users from the specific country where those have been co-designed. 

FC.ID will provide all methodology and guidance to conduct this evaluation, also collecting the feedback for the ENJOI evaluation process.

The final tools will be made publicly available through the ENJOI Observatory.

Connecting overseas

Knowledge exchange is at the core of the ENJOIs expansion overseas. ENJOI shares its findings abroad and incorporate a non-Western perspective on science communication building contemporarily mutual trust and connections that will last beyond the project end.

Zenodo ENJOI Community

Feeding the future ENJOI Observatory, the Zenodo Community is a public virtual place where the ENJOI’s research materials and results will be openly shared. 

Join our ENJOI SciCom Community in Zenodo!

Key deliverables

D6.1 Report on the production, testing and evaluation of 1st set of innovative practical tools designed by multiple target users

D6.2 Report on the production, testing and evaluation of 2nd set of innovative practical tools specifically addressed to 4-helix stakeholders

D6.3 Report of potential collaborations with Third countries

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